The Wing Foil is one of the sports most innovative of the market.

Is the new a favorite of the people who already know how to do kite-surfing or windsurfing since the new discipline is the mix of it. It also offers the freedom of use at any time and in any place, because it has no lines and requires a minimum of space to assemble all the material. You can use it in water, flat to simply navigate and advance, or if you are a lover of surfing waves,  you can enjoy it to the maximum pleasure. It is suitable for all conditions.

For more adrenaline you can practice jumps and tricks, so you'll never be bored. It is suitable for all ages. More easier to learn than the kite-and windsurfing, you'll spend less time to learn all the basics to control the wing, and the navigation itself. Wing foil The Medano Our school part of KITESURFING 313  located in Canary Islandsmore specifically, in the south of Tenerife. In our school we have certified instructors who offer lessons of quality, that is why we were the first to start using radios during lessons to ensure a rapid progression of the students.

We always want to offer the best conditions to our students, so we do not give classes on Medano beach but we moved to our students another beach (pier Granadilla) where we have flat water, sand and constant wind. If you have more doubts or questions please do not hesitate to.

I hope to see you soon. Thanks for reading