Tenerife is a first class tourist destination, known for its white sand beaches, its crystal clear waters and its mild climate throughout the year.Tenerife is a paradise for lovers of the wingfoil, a water sport that combines the windsurfing with Kiteboarding.

The wingfoil is a sport relatively new, but is gaining in popularity quickly. It is practiced with a table similar to that of the surf, a sail or wing that is controlled with the hands, and a foil, which is a device that allows the table to plan on the water.
Tenerife has perfect conditions for the wing foil. The winds are strong and constant, and the waters are calm and shallow. This makes it an ideal destination to learn and practice this sport. In Tenerife there are many schoolwingfoil tenerifes wing foil that offer courses for beginners and advanced ( KITESURFING 313 TENERIFE WING FOIL). There are also many places to practice the wingfoil, as the beach of El Medano Beach and the environment in The port of Granadilla , in the south of the island.

If you're looking for a new water sport to enjoy in Tenerife, the wing foil is an excellent option. It is a thrilling sport and fun that will allow you to explore the beauty of the island from a different perspective.Book your course of wing foil today www.kitesurf313.com and discover why Tenerife is the paradise of the wingfoil in Tenerife.

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