You can earn a course of KITESURF  free to enjoy you or the person of your choice. There will be a total of 2 winners that will get a DISCOVERY OF KITESURFING, SURF COURSE OR ADVANCED COURSE OF KITE for those who know how to navigate.To participate you just need to have an account of Facebook and do two small actions that we detail below prior to November 29, 2016.It is very simple to participate, you only need to  SHARE THIS ARTICLE  and give me a like to the page of the FACEBOOK.We leave detailed all the requirements and conditions of the contest:

Requirements of the competition

 – Share PUBLICLY on your wall the next issue of our facebook. It is imperative that you to give to share to do it publicly, because Facebook only shows us the list of those who shared it this way.
– Comment on this publication, why you would like to give a course of KITESURFING?.
– We recommend that you do follower of our fanpages on Facebook KITESURF313  since the winners will be published by the media.

Contest rules

1.This contest is organized by the School of KITESURFING 313.
2.The prize consists of: 1 courses discovery KITESURF, SURF course or ADVANCED KITESURFING absolutely free
3. The winners will be able to make themselves the course or give it away to anyone they wish (as long as they are 14 years and older).
4. The prize is redeemable for a surf course or advanced kitesurfing but not for cash value.
5. The sweepstakes ends the Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 23:59.
6. The winners will be published exclusively on our page of Facebook. Each winner must submit to our page on Facebook a private message to get in contact with us and make delivery of the prize.
7. Excluded from the prize draw to those participants with a profile of Facebook fake.
8. The winners will be able to enjoy the prize at any time they wish.9. When you share the publication, the participants accept the rules of the competition, including making public your name on facebook in case of being winners.

Thank you for your participation .