1-kites-advised to start are the Bow type or Hybrid, or like the Delta shape and SLE.

2-The main features that we are interested to buy the first comet are, a lot of power to have the greatest range of possible error, good stability, and control of the kite, a very wide range to make the most of the different wind conditions with a single comet and a good ability to get off the water when we fall.

3-The system of lines can be of 4 or 5 lines. Currently, the two offer a superb safety, subjectively, we recommend the 4 lines as you provide us with the task when we have to assemble the material, abaratamos the bar when you remove a line and we will have a line unless you untangle in the event that we make to the well-known “spaghetti”. It should be noted that some comets need the help of the 5 line to get out of the water, such as C Shape.

4-Very important to be aware of the wind conditions in the area that you go to browse. All trademarks are the tables of range of wind for your kite. It is important to review them and select a measurement that suits our spot.

5-in general, for a weight of about 75kg and spots where it tends to blow from 13 to 25 knots with a good single measurement would be 11 meters. While our weight out of 60 to 65Kg approximately, we will use a measure around 9 meters, or if we were speaking of a weight > 85Kg our measure is most appropriate would be a 13 meters.

6-we Recommend to test the material of kitesurfing before you buy it if there is the option. The different kites in measure and mark/model adopt different behaviors, pressure bar, speed, stability.

7-it Is common that once completed the course cost to adapt to the new material.Choose a kite with which you feel comfortable and confident at the same time to adapt to everything said above.

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