The girls and Kitesurfing

1. Makes it very Sexy

Without realizing it, you'll be working and shaping your body. Transform almost immediately, buttocks, legs, abdomen and arms, side effects of a physical activity very fun.

2. Food 

If it will make Kitesurfing 3 times a week, 2 hours per session, you will produce a great urge to eat, and you'll be able to! because what you spend! But eye, healthy food!

4. Meditation included

See how is the wind, drive to the beach, a stretch of the line, inflate the Kite, upload, sail with the wind by moving your hair and the sun giving you in the face, I will disconnect from everything! Goodbye negative thoughts, good-bye concerns.It is an experience that every time you come out of the water you will feel an inner peace tremendous.

 4. To be surrounded by happy people

The community of the kite is extremely friendly and will not hesitate to help you with anything you need. Goes with the sport: you need that help you to lift and lower the Kite.

 5. The life is a beach

What could be better than having to go every day to the beach? Desestresate, I blissfully relived and enjoy an afternoon of beach while you bronceás.

6. Go Shopping it is permissible to

With the growing number of female Kitesurfers, brands are attentive to this new market by removing entire lines dedicated to the girls. Wetsuits, Kites, boards, harnesses, and much more designed especially for you, so that it is possible to go to the beach cute and stylish!

7. Your boyfriend, the Kite

That your boyfriend to share your passion you can only have advantages. You will have the opportunity to show your knowledge, and you'll be very proud of you and very happy. To share a unique experience, will greatly enhance your relationship. In addition, you no longer have to choose between you or go to the beach. You don't have to follow him on every beach looking for the wind and bored in the sand while you're in the middle of a tornado!

8. A great learning experience

The Kite is more safety and technical brute force, and for this reason there are no boundaries of gender, age or physical condition. With the kite-not only you will learn to control the Kite, you will need to know how to work the weather, the wind, the types of table, of harness, in what places to navigate, and the different styles develop.

9. Learn to Fly

After that you learn to navigate, you can start to perform amazing jumps that will keep you suspended in the air for seconds! You have to live it!!!

Join the Kite and meet a group of great people that just need to wind and kite to be happy!