KITESURFING 313 El Médano it is located in the south of Tenerife, close to the Airport Tenerife South. It is one of the most tourist cities of that area. El Médano is the city of wind, so we could call her; it is the most popular destination for kitesurfers, windsurfers and wingfoilers.

As we can see, almost always wind; approximately 300 days of wind per year, which makes it a destination that is perfect for those looking for an active holiday. The wind is side shore, which means that it can not be more safe for kitesurfers, especially for the beginners, as there are always lifeguards to the rescue of all users.

The KITE 313 school licensed by the Government of the Canary islands, it is composed of monitors of the Spanish Sailing Federation, and qualified IKO. Our school focuses on Safety, fun and learning of our students.


Kitesurfing 313 is located in El Médano, one of the destinations of kitesurfing world's most popular and the Canary Islands.

Our classes for beginners is performed in a period of three days where they will learn the theoretical and practical sides of the wing foil on land, in the water and with the Foil. For the classes are intermediate or advanced, we start directly from the water with all the equipment ready and our instructor support.

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