• Is one in which all instructors are qualified and are willing to give all his passion for the sport regardless of the time that is required to be with your students to teach.

• The school must have a civil liability insurance against accidents, a support vessel, qualified instructors, new material and in good condition with a team of instructors are different from the rest of the other schools.

• The best Kitesurfing school is the one who teaches by having good weather and perfect conditions for the activity, not by giving talks or jumping into the sea without a good wind just to earn money.

• The completion of the activity transforms to teach us happiness and it gives us the possibility to enjoy the fun while learning the sport that we love.

• Always try to teach it quickly and safely without having to take into account the levels of learning to kitesurf, not all people are equal or learn at the same time so the faster you learn the faster consiguiéremos use the table and pass the time well, with a lot of confidence and caution. instructor.

• Instructors in addition to being graduates should know how to navigate and prove your sports skills, at least have a minimum of knowledge of advanced techniques......

• You must have great enthusiasm for teaching, the desire to work and make you a happy customer classes......

• The facility should be fully prepared with showers, clothes shops, hot water and

• Important school should suggest that the instructors teach their classes from the water and from the beach with radio communications.

• In the kitesurfing 313 medano you have all the requirements suggested for you to learn and have a good experience in the world of kitesurfing.

• Thank you