¡Tips of the Kite surfing for beginners!

1- kitesurfers use candles specified according to the intensity of the wind, inflatable to ensure your buoyancy in the water and maintain its shape at all times. Kitesurfing offers a multitude of possibilities in jumps, maneuvers transluchada and tack, and tactics for the race or races. With enough practice, the kitesurfers sometimes they get as much as 10 meters of height on the jumps.

2-Kitesurfing requires a good investment. However, as more and more people have started in the sport, the new practitioners kite find equipment prices are quite reasonable. The team needed a minimum includes at least a candle and lines, a bar, a harness and a table. All of this material minimum we can find it second hand for a price ranging between 800€ to 1200€ according to quality and old. New material prices to range about 1500€.

3-The kitesurfers prefer to have an additional computer. For example, the majority of them are owners of several candles to use in different conditions and intensities of wind. The ideal size of the table varies depending on the wind and the weight of the rider. A life vest, a vest of impact, a wetsuit, booties, gloves and a helmet are other optional items that protect us and they will be very helpful for you to start.

4-The kite you can learn without experience to you, even though you have tried sports related will greatly assist in our progression. For example, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding will help to fine tune some skills that are useful for the kite. The experience of flying in a parachute or sports related it would also be useful. People without any type of practice in the sports listed above may require a few more weeks to master some basic concepts before moving on to more advanced techniques. It requires a basic course to learn how to kiteboard, is not advisable to try to learn this sport of risk for its own account.

5-The first step to learn kite it will be the control of our comments in the sand. Once you learned the basic steps to fly our kite in the sand, we will treat that the wing drag our body through the water while we practice the control of the direction and the speed. This step, called body drag, will allow us to learn about the sense of power of the kite without danger. Then we will test our first steps with the table in the water, the so-called waterstart. The practice will allow you to master the skills and to add others over time. A similar method that can be used when you learn to kitesurf in the sand or in the snow.

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