Do you still you are not convinced learn to surf? We will teach, why you should do this since, at any time!!!

-A unique feeling

If you have the opportunity to learn to surf be one of the few people who are fortunate enough to live a very special feeling and unique. The feeling of catching a wave can't be compared with any other in the world and not many people admits that he prefers the surf to sex. We are one of them. Learn how you can take a week or more, but the effort is worth it, I guarantee it! As said Kelly Slater: “SURFING is like being in the mafia. Once you're inside, you're inside. There is No output! And with that has not exaggerated, because I know someone that says they don't like the surf.

-Learn to surf is not difficult.

If you fear that you learn is too difficult, you can relax and be positive all the time. As well as the age does not have much to do with your ability. According to us there is no age to learn and it's never too late! How much more important is your attitude! If you think that you can become a professional in 2 months without making any effort or without doing anything, you're completely wrong! It's like everything else: from nothing, nothing comes out / where there is nothing nothing you can take.It must be clear that at the beginning you'll run out of breath and have to struggle a lot to get it.


-The surf keeps you in shape, makes you strong It sounds logical, but if you want a body of dream worth learning to surf. In the surf is used by many muscles and surely it is no coincidence that the surfers have that look healthy and at the same time that you will strive to learn to tone a perfect body. In addition to the surf has it all. Forget the suffering I go running, surfing rewards you/you make a gift if you make the effort: it is the unique sensation that we were talking about before. In addition there are many studies that show that if surfeas regularly if you take off the stress.

-You can travel a lot

If you see the sport of surfing you will notice that in the ideal case you are going to visit many countries. Because in the world there are countless different wave and each one seems better. And this is exactly why you wanted to travel to all countries: want to try them all, either in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives, France or Portugal... it's always great to see new countries and cultures. And by the fact that travel through the surf, everything will be even more relaxing because you will meet directly to a lot of friendly people.

-Good vibes before and after riding.

If we refer to those surfers relaxed that you'll find learning to surf, it is clear that ye shall pass on luxury always before and after a surf session. The people are very friendly, I love to walk barefoot and simply in balance. And the party's not going to miss it! Like where you're going surfing, we will pass great! See surfing.