KITESURF 313 TEAM .Nowdays one of the most popular sports on water here in Tenerife is kitesurf. Why kitesurf? Becuase it is something new, that from far away looks easy and amazing. Is it easy? Yes and no. Yes, becuase you can learn the basics in 9 hours. No, because after that a lot of practice is needed and it does not include any strength as people may think. It needs feeling and flexibility to some extent. When learning the kite control which is the most important component, for the first three hours, you will find out that the gentler you are the better the control. The better the control of the kite the easier it will be when starting with water start. Kitesurfing doesn’t involve any strength, what it does involve is to have a feeling of controlling the bar and being sensitive with it. Kite is one of the most responsive «toys» to the touch you will ever have the pleasure to try out. The bar of the kite is like riding a bike, it intails small gentle movements in order to steer it. What is more, it completely relaxes you and empties your head which is much needed these days as we are overworked and stressed all the time.Furthermore, this sport isn’t just for man, in the past the ratio was 70% men and 30% women, now it is 50-50% and soon the ratio may change again.
To conclude, the kite equipment is practical to take wherever you travel to. As you put everything in one boardbag and you’re all set. With so many options of hot kitesurfing spots to discover, you will never ran out of ideas for your next vacation.